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Please be extra careful when utilizing  Blog Social Media Sites, they attract kvetchers.

How did your Website get listed by directories making comments with out your consent in the first place?

When you purchase your Website Domain Name you are given the option to pay a fee to keep from being publicly listed.  Privacy Protection hides your personal WHOIS  search information from public records to keep spammers and solicitors from bugging you. Unfortunately the telephone scam artist that were outlawed and put out of business have dug into the internet as a new frontier.  Most would find it hard to believe that the Justice System would be so blind, but signals of a corrupt government keep emerging and it isn't until the mobsters have made a killing that they will do anything hence the reputation "Blind Justice" and "Slow to Act" .

Helpful rule in order to make search engines perform the way that suit you best.

EXAMPLE:   If you keep clicking on Yelp Ads in your searches the search engine will learn that and be more  likely to take the easier routes in future searches resulting in more Yelp Ads as Yelp is connected in this process (Filter bubble).  Now if you take the time to click on only official websites that interest you, the search engine will then make a point to work harder to learn and  find  the match results you really want. Expect a new generation of search engines that will approach this problem as the internet gets flooded more and more with unwanted listings.  Copernic Agent and WebFerret used to be the cats meow back in the day to get fast and precise search results.  Expect ultra versions similar to flourish again in the future.

Real Life Version of Yelp

The Domain redirect scam...this is were they take on your name but with another extension such as the one above and then they advertise it in the media cloud against you taking away your business!  Can you image someone spreading your company name around with .sucks?  Let's look one step further here at the possible intent and reasoning...simple corrupt lawyers trying to create and churn law suites to increase business by grooming boogie men corporations. 

 Opinion Fraud Detection

In this day and age protection software pretty much just keeps the innocent innocent while greatly lagging behind the sophistication of the criminal hackers.  Keep in mind that in the gathering of any type on information it is always important on knowing how it was acquired and at what professional level.  Example:   Online information on a business by the business owners previous girlfriend after being dumped would seriously generate tainted information.  A business review service that simply allows anyone to blog away about a business is going have issues with keeping up on the honesty curve, basically not good odds. The problem is very  plain and simple...small companies are the ones being targeted and can't absorb the costs for Lawyers and IT Specialist like large companies can.  My recommendation is the utilization of review services that require specialists or professionals for writing reviews as the best direction for small businesses gaining reputation.  When it comes to those bad blogger reviews, stop and think first because a professional opinion is worth quite a bit more than some fly by night blogger blowing smoke at everyone's business leaving owners to pay to put it out.  From reviews to marketing, money is better spent establishing creditability by using professionals in your industry.

Post Online Review Fraud Start ups on the rise?

Opportunity for internet savvy individuals to make a honest buck helping Companies with Online Review Vulnerabilities, definitely going to happen!  Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Specialist (SEO, SEM) and Lawyers honing in on a good fight to protect clients against fraud looks promising.   Issues with the right to privacy...